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How to get to the lochside at Craigencalt Farm.  Click the map to enlarge.

Facilities and attractions at Kinghorn Loch, Craigencalt and Whinnyhall. Click the map.

Regular Activities:

Kinghorn Radio Controlled Sailing Club: Saturdays, noon-4pm.

Kirkcaldy Canoe Club:
Saturdays 10am-noon
Tuesdays 6pm-8pm
Thursdays 6pm-8pm
There is a Winter Break with training at Kinghorn Community Centre.

Canoe Club Regattas.
Sunday in June (to be announced)

Sunday  in September (TBA)

Nordic Walking.
Mondays at 10am
Thursdays at 9am
Fridays at 9.30am
Contact Judith on 07958132141

Open Water Swimmers:
Tuesdays 6pm-8pm (May-October)

Kinghorn Sailing Club:
Sundays in winter to May, noon-4pm, moves to the sea in summer.

Kinghorn Coastal Rowing Club:
Meets several times a week at the loch during winter. Contact the secretary at

Walking Group:
First Wednesday of every month, meeting in the “outer” car park (the entrance to Craigencalt Farm at the bottom of Red Path Brae) at 10am.  Also meets on third Wednesday other than during winter.

Sustainable Communities Initiative (Earthship Fife) runs events on many weekends and are open at times during weekdays. Please check the timetable at the Earthship or online.

Times and dates may vary and should be confirmed with the clubs.

Contact clubs through their websites or via  

The Canoe Club may be contacted through Margaret on 01592205655 or Alan on 01592262158.

The Walking Group may be contacted through Kath on 01592643318 or Pat on 01592890449.

CRCT Workdays.

In 2016 we completed Phase 2 of our Link Path strategy, now providing a family and disabled friendly link from the lochside car park high up to Rodanbraes Cottages with great views over the Firth of Forth to Edinburgh.  I think that this year that our volunteers, who give so freely of their time, deserve a bit of a rest.

However, we have just finished putting barley straw out onto the treatment rafts to keep the water quality of the loch in excellent condition.  We are planning to erect two Nesting Platforms in the water so the swans don’t have such a precarious nesting on  top of a raft and hope to improve security from predators from ducklings, etc.  In addition there is regular path and loch maintenance programmes throughout the year.

We are just starting this year’s tasks and would welcome your help.  If you have some time please contact Ron through the website  or using the email.

View over Pettycur Bay through the Black Rock to the bridges.  The new Queensferry Crossing  bridge in the sunlight.

Photo by Pat Convery, Walking festival 2016

Rolling out and feathering the barley straw for the rafts on a warm(ish), still day in early March.  Plenty of help to get the work done.

Join us for the
‘Mini Walking Fest’
from 27th March to 9th April.  

Craigencalt Trust is pleased to offer a ‘Mini Walking Fest’ this spring.  Walks will cover the coastline from Aberdour to West Wemyss, and stretch inland across the hills to allow participants to enjoy some splendid scenery.  The event is funded and organised by Craigencalt Trust and supported by Burntisland and Kinghorn Community Sports Hub, Fife Council.  The aim is to get people out enjoying the local area.  We hope it will attract many visitors to come and enjoy a day out, getting involved in activities.  It is also a great way to meet new friends. We ask that you register for walks beforehand as then we know to expect you.  Registration and walks are free.

The ‘Mini Walking Fest’ will run from Monday 27th March to Sunday 9th April. The reason for running this event in spring is to cover some of the longer walks it was not possible to do in late summer, when some pathways are too overgrown and difficult to negotiate. There will not be walks on every day because the event is designed with rest days. This will enable folk to manage all walks if they wish, and will gain from improving levels of fitness over the two weeks.

The full programme is available on the Walking Festival page.  We further hope to be able to offer a walking trip to Inchkeith island where the group will be able to study the World War II fortifications and others back to the Napoleonic Wars.

So get your walking boots out and look forward to toning up those legs and lungs.  There is no flat land around here but also nothing too high so the exercise will suit most.  The views of hills, sea and islands are stunning.


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