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Flora and fauna

The inter-linked chain of interests at Kinghorn Loch and surrounding area.

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Lots of watersports to try and clubs to join.  Our projects improve facilities.

The page on Birds shows the wide variety of birds in the area.  Also see our pocket booklet ‘Bird Watching Around Kinghorn Loch’.

See the Flora & Fauna page and pick up seasonal ‘Flower Cards’  on your walks.

Walking Group

Regular walks are organised throughout the area

Loch users


Exciting projects for the many paths in the Pathways Booklet. Other walks by Mike Gilbert too.

Wonderfull paths throughout the area from the beaches of Kinghorn to the views from The Binn. Which birds can be found at the loch and surrounding fields Wide variety of wild flowers in the hedgerows, woods and open ground. Walking Group visits Glassmount.

Presentations & newsletters

Three presentations each year to enjoy and be informed.

This is how the area would have looked 300 million years ago with volcanoes and tropical seas and deserts

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Walking Group arrangements for 2016 Activities timetable

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Kinghorn Pathways booklet Bird Book (published by KLUG, a committee of CRCT)

Burntisland Oil Shale Works can be downloaded here.

Birds of Kinghorn Loch can be downloaded here.

Kinghorn Pathways guide to local paths can be downloaded here.

Burntisland Oil Shale Works - web book

Like most websites we use “cookies”.  If you are happy with that, just carry on.
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Like most websites we use “cookies”.  If you are happy with that, just carry on.
Any information you provide is treated as confidential and not shared.

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History of pollution of Kinghorn Loch.

Kinghorn Loch was polluted and lifeless until 1983, and the Trust has successfully treated it for algal blooms to give the excellent water quality today.  Ron Edwards gave a presentation at Kinghorn Community Centre in 2014, but remains very relavent. He has been involved with cleaning up the loch from 1976, so check out his presentation.  To talk about it, contact CRCT.

Loading rafts

International visits

“Stories on the history of Craigencalt and the mill”

Monday, 14 November, 7.30pm, Kinghorn Community Centre.

Lots has happened since Marilyn gave her original presentation on the “History of Craigencalt”.  We now know a great deal more about the mills, which are much older than we thought, and the connection with the Grange Distillery in Burntisland from about 1790.  There are some super stories connected to our little hamlet, some of them solicitous and scandalous, many enlightening and some of great bravery.  So Marilyn will be concentrating on the “Stories” behind the slots in our history.  It should be a really entertaining and informative talk so please do your absolute best to come. Click here.


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New project.

A JCB comes in handy to cut a new disabled and family friendly path through the woods to make lighter work for the volunteers.

See the News page for more information on these lovely, improved visitor facilities.

New Project

The “Lochside Project”.

A new path joins the lochside to the elevated viewpoints at Rodanbraes while nesting platforms, interpretation boards and other facilities  are now at, and on, the loch.

Contact (01592)891330 or email info@CraigencaltTrust.org.uk

history of craigencalt 17-05-2016 fast access.pdf

History of Craigencalt
 can be downloaded here.