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  Governance of Craigencalt Rural Community Trust

The Trust has produced two detailed documents.  First is the “Purpose and Project Planning” document that describes many of the aspirations, some for the next year or two and others more long-term.  This is a long document but should be very interesting.  It is not definitive.  The document is available to Friends of CRCT to study and discuss.  It is very much the intention of the Board of Trustees to engage Friends in a discussion of just what the Trust should do and how to do it.  The second document is the “Link Path Strategy” which, as it suggests, is the vision that strategically links project work to the purposes.  It is not intended that the Trust will employ staff in the short to medium term but will engage in projects that it can finance itself together with some funds from small grant schemes.  

It is set up as a Company Limited by Guarantee not having any share capital and is a Scottish Charity regulated by OSCR. The Articles of Association of Craigencalt Rural Community Trust describe how the Trust is set up and how it is to be governed.  The charity cannot pursue any activities for personal gain and has to undertake projects and operations in order to fulfil its charitable purpose  The Articles describe the Charitable Purposes under which the Trust is run.  

The Charitable Purposes of the Trust ("the Charitable Purposes") are:

The informal ‘Loch Users & Projects Group’ (projects group) of CRCT incorporates three specific groups that joined the Trust in 2011, being Kinghorn Loch Users Group, Kinghorn Pathways and the Walking Group.  The projects group is an informal gathering of watersports groups and individuals interested in helping the Trust to improve facilities on the loch for the groups, wildlife and the environment (see Loch Users page) and to improve and maintain the pathways and general ecology and environment within the area of interest of the Trust (see Paths, Information and Picnics page) and also has a Walking Group that organises walks on a fortnightly (during the summer) or monthly (during winter) basis and has organised three Walking Festivals.


In summary: