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The work of the Trust is supported by ‘Friends of CRCT’.  It you would like to consider becoming a Friend of the Trust, click here for a Friends Information Brochure and please fillin and return the application form for consideration.

Work days building ‘Woodland Rise’ path, but it is not all hard work; the seal pup count on Inchkeith.

The annual ‘Come & Try’ Day held in May and open to all.


The ‘Friends of CRCT’ are vital to the welbeing of the Trust.  Not only do the Friends contribute £5 or more each to help with the administration (which just for insurance exceeds £500 a year) but willingly volunteer to be out on a cold, wet February day to put out the barley straw on the rafts to keep the water quality in excellent condition and maintain this special environment.  There is no doubt that Friends and visitors alike  consider Craigencalt and Kinghorn Loch to be a very special place, giving a wide variety of walks, hummocky hillsides, water and the massive array of wild flowers and birds.  It was not surprising that on a ‘Bumble Bee’ walkabout, we found all the eight common bumble bees just in Diana’s garden (Craigencalt Farm) together with a ‘Cuckoo’ bee and a lot of flies pretending to be bees.  The history of Craigencalt, with one mill going back at least to the sixteenth century and the ‘new’ mill (from 1790) intrinsically linked with the development of whisky in Scotland - the Burntisland Grange Distillery of William Young, who helped form The Distillers Company. Presentations on this  part of its history and the industrial history of the Burntisland Oil Shale Works at Binnend help to keep the interest up.  Further to this is the past pollution of Kinghorn Loch which up to 1985 was “dead” and its fantastic recovery since; something that we and Alcan can take great pride in having achieved virtually single handedly since my work in the 1980s and then us, as Kinghorn Loch Users Group from 1998, followed by CRCT and Alcan since then.  

By Ron Edwards, Chair.

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